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Unlock The Power Of Energy Mastery, Shall We?

Hey, beautiful soul!

Hope this email finds you basking in good vibes and maybe even sipping on something delicious.

Today, I want to dive into the magical world of energy and how you can use it to create the life you desire. Trust me, this isn't just woo-woo talk—it's about mastering the law of energy and alchemizing the unwanted into pure gold.

Ready to play Wizard?

My Journey into the Unseen Power of Energy

Let me take you back a bit. When I trained as a level one Reiki practitioner and energy healer, I had to wrap my head around the unseen power of energy.

It was like discovering a hidden superpower that everyone has but doesn’t know how to use. Picture me, wide-eyed and skeptical, waving my hands around like a wannabe sorceress, trying to feel the "energy flow." Spoiler alert: it’s real and it's possible!

Fast forward to my recent completion of an apprenticeship in mysticism and spiritual development, where things got even juicier.

We delved into using energy to reprogram thoughts, leading to words and actions that break free from the paradigms controlling us. Sounds fancy, right? But it’s all about transforming your mindset and energy to manifest what you want.

Understanding the Law of Energy

Okay, let's break this down. The law of energy is like that universal cheat code nobody tells you about. It states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. So, all that negative energy and those unwanted situations? They’re just raw materials waiting to be alchemized into something fabulous.

You can shift that annoying negative energy into positive, desire-driven energy. It’s like turning lead into gold but without the messy drama.

Woman in meditative pose and chakras energized
Meditate, visualize, or even just sit quietly and feel the energy in your body.

How to Alchemize Your Desires

  1. Acknowledge What You Don’t Want: This might sound obvious, but sometimes we’re so focused on the negative that we forget to pinpoint it. Is it that dead-end job? The toxic relationship? Or maybe just the feeling of being stuck? Name it, claim it, and then get ready to change it.

  2. Reprogram Your Thoughts: This is where the real magick happens. Start by catching those negative thoughts like they’re pesky flies. Once you’ve got them, flip them on their heads. Instead of “I’m stuck in this job,” try “This job is the launchpad to creating my next juicy career move.” It’s like changing the script of your life’s movie.

  3. Use Energy Techniques: Here’s a little secret from my Reiki and mysticism toolkit. Use energy healing techniques to shift your internal vibe. Meditate, visualize, or even just sit quietly and feel the energy in your body. Imagine it flowing and transforming, turning that old, stagnant energy into a vibrant force that propels you toward your desires.

  4. Take Inspired Action: This isn’t just about thinking happy thoughts and waiting for miracles. It’s about letting your new energy guide you to take real, tangible steps towards your goals. Whether it’s updating your resume, having that difficult conversation, or simply taking a walk to clear your mind, let your new energy lead the way.

A Personal Touch

There was a time when I felt utterly stuck, like I was wading through a thick fog of blah. I take inventory of my life and take responsibility for the wanted and unwanted ish. But once I started practicing these energy techniques, things began to shift.

Opportunities popped up, my mood lifted, and I started to see possibilities where there were only walls before. I started with smaller things and now working on the “bigger” things, by that I mean I started where the thoughts were easiest for me to turn around. It wasn’t overnight, and it wasn’t always easy, but it was absolutely worth it.

So, my dear friend, why not give it a try?

Embrace your inner alchemist and transform what you don’t want into what you do. Remember, you’ve got the power, and sometimes all it takes is a little energetic tweak to set your desires into motion.

Stay magical,

Lala 🌟


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