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A new year. A new you.

A new year. A new you.

This is an auspicious time of the calendar year where we collectively clean the slate and feel renewed. Whether you subscribe to creating resolution/s or not or have another ritual to acknowledge the new calendar or are a business owner planning new business--we all give thought to this united time of renewal. That said, how do you find your starting point? Your north star?

  • Do you access your previous year to improve your game? Or do you look to grow what you’ve already built applying layers to achieve far-reaching goals...the long game?

  • Do you look alone or with your closest confidants, a board of directors, a mentor, or a coach?

North Star

One of the directions to check out is numerology at the collective level, the Universal Year.

What is a Universal Year?

The Universal Year describes the energy everyone will experience during a calendar year. It describes the terrain we will navigate.

Determine The Universal Year by adding all the numbers to the year together, 2+0+1+9= 12 then 1+2= 3.

For several years, I have included The Universal Year and Personal Year (using your birth date) with client astrological services including helping clients relocate. Discovering how well these two sciences align beautifully is why I want you to know the many tools available for guidance.

Here are some insights into Universal 2019 so you can add to your creation or perhaps make tweaks for the year:

The essence of the energy of the number 3 is creative self-expression, which includes imagination, effective communication, tolerance, joyfulness, optimism, and dynamism.

The key to 3 Vibration is communication and after the upheaval of politics and personal challenges and triumphs in 2018 (11/2 Vibration) speaking with clarity and purpose.

In astrology, there are 12 houses in every natal chart. Imagine a pie sliced into 12 pieces reflecting segments of life--your personality, personal resources, home/family/security, relationship to others--to name a few. Take a detailed look at the wheel and all 12 segments with the Astro Twins.

Here’s a great way to examine your 12 life segments (houses):

  • What did I discover in 2018 (each segment)?

  • Where or in what ways can I bring the Vibration 3 to each segment in 2019?

  • Which segments do I have mastery? It seems to thrive on its own not much to manage here.

  • Which segments are underserved? Maybe something is being ignored out of fear or you don’t know how to make it thrive or it’s not of a high priority now.


Starting the New Year with Direction

So far as I consult clients having looked at their progressed chart (like looking at weather forecast) I see themes of importance based on where the Sun will travel in their personal wheel of segments.

While one client looks to make power moves in her career she has reported feelings and issues around relatives who have been deceased for many years. Knowing that the area of family and home have been highlighted by her Sun points to the need to include that area of life moving forward this year.

Isn’t it great to know what wants your attention before you get a mysterious smackdown?

Take advantage of the temporarily reduced price for, Gifts From Your Guides. Now until January 21st midnight or appointments have filled up.

What are Gifts From Your Guides sessions?

It’s a 55-minute session designed to guide you toward your goals and dreams for the year. Using your birth chart while consulting your guides, answers are provided to questions you’ve longed to have addressed. We tell where and how to tap into your gifts to help you fulfill on your highest intentions.

Who wouldn’t want that insight, right?

Book your appointment here.

Read more information about the Universal Year here.

xoxo, Lisa

[Photo by Tristan Gassert on Unsplash]

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