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Thank goodness Mercury has gone direct!

Has it been a crazy ride for you lately?

Yup, you’ve been Mercury Retrograded! Ok, I made up the verb part. If you aren’t familiar with the term it is called, Mercury Retrograde (Rx).

Mercury Retrograde, these two words have penetrated our culture from sketch comedies to frightful warnings. The Cliff’s Notes version, Mercury Rx describes a planetary occurrence that happens three times a year where the planet, Mercury, looks like it’s moving backward.

This background is being provided to understand that planets do not cause anything happening but earth energy sort of mirrors these happenings. The shorthand talk about Mercury Rx is as though he is causing things to occur.

Astrology use mythology to help us, humans, navigate life on what I, along with our spiritual practitioners, like to call earth school. Planets were named after mythological characters as they “act out” life in the sky to give us a sense of how to navigate life, hence the saying “as above, below”. We always have free will so that’s why planets can’t make us do things nor can anyone predict what will happen in your life. Predictions can, however, be based on probable outcomes understanding the character's mindset, action, history, and more complexities.

The school of astrology I learned from taught that any planet or period where a retrograde happens is about the ego taking a backseat for soulful work to move from our subconscious to the conscious. Said another way, this is a great time to get connected with personal direction to help with fulfilling our life purpose.

All the disclaimers read let’s see how you can use the lessons from Pisces and apply to the next two periods.

Mercury is a very entertaining and unpredictable character. His transits have pre-production, production, and post-production period associated with retrograde cycles.

The pre-production provides you the theme of the episode you could experience during production. The production phase is the experience of the actual retrograde (meaning going inward) cycle. Lights. Camera. Action. Let life commence.

The post-production time is when you take all the upheaval to integrate the lessons into your life. Each component can last up to three weeks for a total of nine weeks (about two months).

Each cycle (year) the element will change so this year it is water-- intuition, sensitive, emotional and nurturing. Though water can be calm it can also be intense and destructive. At the very core Water Signs are emotional, empathetic, receptive and feel things deeply. Each sign--Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio--has its particular way of expressing and with key-characteristics.

Mercury (air) is quick thinking, intellectual, analytical and precise. Straddled in a water sign like Pisces introvert, daydreamer, over-imaginative, and emotional--it makes sense Mercury would be challenged here.

After working with a group of clients in February this is what they had to say:

  • “I am grateful for the heads up about this time. It gave me a chance to work out how my team perceives me versus how I think I impact my team and clients. As a result, I turned sales responsibility over to my team because it’s not my groove.”

  • “It seemed as if all the Pisces in my life were taking me through painful lessons. Now that I understand a little about my twelfth house and what this time was about with an end in sight, I was more patient.”


Quick look back and dates for Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

The pre-production started Feb 19th - March 4th

Production started March 5th ending (going direct) March 28th

Post-production March 29th - April 16th

See if you can locate the theme of your Mercury retrograde. Try following where your emotions lead you. Don’t think in terms of negatives or positives just consider, how you might have emoted during the early phases and over what area(s) of your life?

Of course, if you want a deeper delve to understand exactly where and how this impacted you as well as a glimpse at the next cycle then you can book a Gift From Your Guides Session.

xoxo, Lisa

P.S. The next pre-production phase when Mercury Retrogrades in Signs of Cancer and Leo starts on June 20th. Tune in about tips to working that cycle like a boss!

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