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About Lisa Chaney

picture of Lisa  Freefeather

Deepening Love is a journey of self-discovery and healing for those who have experienced relationship burnout. Meet Lisa, the visionary behind Deepening Love, a unique approach to helping women who feel burned out in their relationships find love and heal from loss. With Lisa's experience of growing up in a blended family with eight siblings and her twenty-two-year marriage, she deeply understands the importance of mending past relationships to thrive in love.

Lisa firmly believes that self-love and self-care are the critical keys often overlooked in the quest for love or maintaining relationships. She understands that most people attempt to learn from past mistakes without truly knowing themselves and their distinct desires, love styles, and patterns. A lack of introspection can lead to more heartbreak and hurt future choices and reactions to experiencing love. That is why Lisa offers a unique combination of Grief Consulting with Love Coaching to assist women in finding the love they want and deserve.

Lisa works as a trusted advisor, providing single and married women with guidance and clarity so that they can build healthy relationships.

In her approach, Lisa combines clients' astrological blueprints, methods for mourning and healing grief, and strategies for defining romantic relationships on their terms. Lisa's mission is to help women identify and dismantle patterns of obstacles and create new habits by understanding themselves on a deeper, soulful level.

She is passionate about empowering women and helping them reach their full potential. Lisa has made a lasting impact on the lives of countless women through her unique approach and dedication to their clients, and she is now committed to creating a community of support, love, and growth.

Join the Deepening Love Community to unleash your full potential and find the love you've always wanted.

Lisa holding a client's astrology chart.

What Clients Are Saying 

TJ Alvarado

Atlanta, GA

Fitness Trainer / Medical Massage Therapist

Working with Lisa really helped me experience phenomenal growth in my personal life. She has helped me “peel away layers” and as a direct result provided me the ability to increase my business revenue! I NEVER would’ve made the connection that working with her would impact my business. I am so grateful that I took a chance and trusted her with what I was going through. To me, my struggle seemed petty and insignificant...just a minor concern; but she ever so carefully clarified the “surface problem” and uncovered a root that needed to be addressed.

My greatest challenge was identifying my strengths and applying them to my life.

My experience was very positive while working with Lisa because she took her time with me and helped me gain a better understanding of my chart in a very simple way. Her insight and guidance has brought me clarity at times when I struggled with making a decision.

I have become more spiritually grounded and focused on the positive energy around me.

My life is less complicated due to the way I view certain situations

Maisha Hudson

NY, New York

Creator of Sensual Energy

My experience with Lisa was beautiful and healing. She was able to intuit how my body was feeling and what it needed through touch, sound, and smell. The oils she used were divine and kept me in a relaxed state throughout my session. I left our session [AromaTouch Technique] feeling relaxed and energized.

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