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One of Life's Lessons: Dancing with the ALL of it.

You've entered the Holiday Zone!!

We have already entered into the holiday zone, so how do you cope during the season?

Managing grief during the holiday season is an area that many don’t think to include in their plans.

Generally, grief is often associated with death alone, however it is also a response to loss or disruption to the normal course of live. We experience many forms of loss than recognized by wider scope of society. Moving is a form of loss though it may bring happiness as well. The holiday season can have a myriad of emotions from moment to moment.

Helpful ways to manage the season:

  • Follow the mood

  • Dismiss nothing

  • Become aware of how you are feeling (recommend journaling)

  • Notice any triggers

  • Ride the emotional wave

Check out 64 Tips for coping with grief during the holidays and follow any of the tips you really dig or that gnaw at you (just a little).

Be gentle with yourself. Tell those around you what you need and what you are dealing with at any time.

Happy Holidays!!

Lots of Love, L

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