Earthly Trinity™

This conversation is not the typical reading where you sit back and listen, where you get a watershed of too much astrological information that you ultimately forgot and didn't know how to apply to your life.


mother and daughter


Reiki Sessions

The world can feel chaotic; be it from politics, terrorism, or your commute. If your child is a sensitive soul then he/she/they feel the chaos internally which impacts sleep, school, and how they connect on a whole.



Deepening Love Strategic Series

Those old strategies, beliefs, and actions that keep you safe--yet far from meeting your desires?


Together, we disrupt them.

Clifftop Yoga


Heart Chakra Surgery

When trauma or pain from unresolved grief is not tended to - it forms 'cracks' in the self. These 'cracks' can also show up in our bodies in various ways.