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Earthly Trinity™

Your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are critical for unlocking the secrets of your relationships and discovering your true self. The Earthly Trinity is what we describe as the "me, myself, and I" traits unique to your astrological chart.

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Your Inner-G

The world can feel chaotic; be it from politics, terrorism, or your commute. If your child is a sensitive soul then he/she/they feel the chaos internally which impacts sleep, school, and how they connect on a whole.



Deepening Love Healing Series

Those old strategies, beliefs, and actions that keep you safe--yet far from meeting your desires?


Together, we disrupt them.

Clifftop Yoga


Heart Chakra Clearing

When trauma or pain from unresolved grief is not tended to - it forms 'cracks' in the self. These 'cracks' can also show up in our bodies in various ways.

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