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Those old strategies, beliefs, and actions that keep you safe--yet far from meeting your desires?  


We disrupt them.  Through the ‘Deepening Love 90-Day Strategic Series’ we renew and create pathways allowing you to relate to yourself and to others in ways that empower you and those around you. We help release unresolved grief from the loss of love and other traumas. We use your divine code (birth chart) with your wisdom from life experiences to point you on your true path.


If you’ve ever had your birth chart read then you’ll know that while you’ve learned so much about yourself - it’s useless if you aren’t actively altering old faulty strategies to include and make space for your gifts. We take your personal blueprint piece by piece to help you integrate those qualities you were born so you experience ease and understanding with the challenges and joys of life.


You will:

  • Discover how to break that love-sabotage cycle

  • Tap into the truth about what you want free from cultural truths

  • Free yourself from playing dating/relationship games

  • Have your healthy relationships

  • Unlocking secrets in your Divine Code at birth--forms and influences your lifetime


3-month program includes:

  • 3 one-on-one calls per month

  • 3 SOS calls per month

  • Unlimited emails

This program is a practical way to discover and have the support you desire to implement new tools to use in your daily life so you that have the relationships you’ve always wanted. The moment you are free to be and know your true self, harmony and balance follow.


Deepening Love 90-Day Strategic Series

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