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Your astrological chart is your personal blueprint. Through creating your chart based the time, date, and location of your birth, we can uncover your life’s purpose on earth. During your 90-minute session, we illuminate the gifts you were born with as your divine code. Interpreting your chart coupled with identifying behavioral and emotional patterns will support the structure we create to remove inner obstacles and having your desires and goals met.


‘Groundhog day’ no more. Experiencing the same challenges over and over again can leave you convinced that you “ too ‘x’ to have this or that” or “maybe you aren’t meant to be ‘y’ or have ‘what you really want’. Together we will examine what those blocks are and the experiences you’ve had so they are now viewed as learnings, rather than the story you are stuck with forever. You will create your truth in real time, no longer based in your past or what you have thought of yourself.


The programming we have received from cultural, familial, and societal programming before freely discovering who we truly are takes time to take hold. During these sessions, we will together peel back layers to discover your truth.


Using the planetary energies in your blueprint to co-create with the Universe you can:


  • Discover your personal blueprint as guidance

  • Learning your purpose (your Divine contract)

  • Integrate your purpose so that you earn with a new level of ease

  • Understand how you express your love language to create lasting relationships, especially romantic relationships


Get ready to hear and learn about that thing you wish you knew 5, 10, or 20 years ago. Even if you are a well seasoned “self-help junkie,” there is something to discover to help you along your journey to love.


Your Personal Blueprint

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