Earthly Trinity™

This conversation is not the typical reading where you sit back and listen, where you get a watershed of too much astrological information that you ultimately forgot and didn't know how to apply to your life.


Our approach is to engage in a talk to help you understand your energies within. Why is that? The true power in knowing oneself. The good. The bad. The ugly. The expert. These are complete.


Earthly Trinity™ (E.T.) is a conversation design for you interested in your power source and wielding that power. As above, so below.


E.T. is an exploration of your Sun, Moon, and Horizon/Rising signs. As these energies move daily and monthly, they have the most influence on the mundane aspects of your life.


Are you fully aware of the gifts they bring you? Are you using those gifts to your benefit to have your dreams or visions fulfilled? Probably not. As many of us have been under societal pressure to cooperate, to point our energy and power in a way that seeks to use it (use us) for roles previously carved out in cookie-cutter-compliant ways has not felt authentic to you.


As above, so below. Just as our ancestors looked towards the skies for answers, E.T. helps you see the universe within. Why is that? This Age of Aquarius, a shift in energy you are already witnessing and feeling, is meant to help you relocate your power as an individual. 

The collective community does not need replicas of outdated models; it requires you and every person to be individuals within our collective experience. You are uniquely you. The way back to who you are is always internal. 

Let us at Deepening Love companion you on your journey to inner-standing. We do this by exploring your personal blueprint of the galaxy imprinted within the moment you took your first breath to help you find your True North.  Starseeds aligned.


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